What Is Our Scholarship Program?

The Academy of Hair & Makeup was founded on the principles of helping others create their own financial freedom and independence. We believe our courses gives the every day person the opportunity to do something they once thought impossible. 

Every now and again we come across a person that has been in one or many unfortunate events that has seen them experience significant hardship in their life and find it very difficult to start over. 

Our Scholarship program was designed to assist those who truly need it and who are truly committed to changing their lives. Through this program, we give an individual the opportunity to do one of our courses completely free. 

We are very selective about who we give this opportunity to, and we welcome anyone who needs is serious about making a longterm change to apply. 

This is our way to give back to our community that has done so much for us. We only ask that you be considerate of others who may need it more when applying for our scholarship program, as out of the hundreds of applicants we receive each year, we only select a small handful of applicants for our Scholarship Program. 

We also would like to highlight, if you are experiencing anything that may require further assistance, please contact an organisation like life-line. 

To apply to our scholarship program, click the link below. Download our application form, fill it out in great details, scan it, and email it back to us.