Who are your courses for?

Our courses are perfect for beginners, intermediates and anyone who would like to work in bridal and glamour makeup as a hair stylist or makeup artist.

Can I work in the industry after completing your course?

Absolutely! Most of our students come to us because they want a no fuss approach to a course that will certify them to work in the industry. We teach our students exactly what they need to know when it comes to working in the bridal, glamour, fashion and media industries, building their own businesses, working in a salon, working in retail or becoming a freelance hair stylist and makeup artist. We don’t complicate things, instead our curriculum is designed so that everything you learn in our course is actually realistic to what you will do as a working professional, we skip the fluff!

Is your course nationally recognised?

To ensure that our students are always learning the most up-to-date, on trend and popular hair and makeup styles, we have purposely deviated our course away from the standard nationally recognised curriculum. This is because of the feedback we received from so many makeup artists, hair stylists and even hair dressers who have done the government funded, nationally recognised courses. Their feedback being that in their experience, what is taught in these courses, the styles and techniques are out of date in an ever changing industry. Although what they learnt was good in theory, much of it wasn’t applicable to the reality of actually working in the industry. The other reason we have steered away from nationally recognised government courses is because they are usually a lot more expensive for students, usually costing in the thousands (even after government funding), they take a lot longer to complete and aren’t actually needed to become a working hair or makeup artist.
Do I need a Diploma or Certificate to work as a Hair Stylist or Makeup Artist?
It depends, if you are looking at working in film, delving into cinematography makeup and hair, special FX and all that fun stuff, then yes, you will need a diploma or certificate, these are usually 12-18 month courses and can cost you at least $10,000 or more, and if approved, government funding will require you to sign up for a VET student loan, meaning you will have to eventually pay back the total amount which doesn’t include the additional expense of purchasing a professional kit. Having such a huge debt before you even start working in the industry can be a little daunting for new students, so we would recommend only taking up these types of courses if you are looking at specialising in that specific area of makeup. 

The good news is if you want to work as a professional hair stylist or makeup artist in the bridal, glamour, red carpet, editorial, fashion or media, starting your own business, working in a salon or for a retail brand, then you don’t need a 12 month – 18 month diploma or certificate course, and you don’t need to go into a huge debt before you’ve even started, our 10-week course will get you there.
Will I receive a certificate?
Yes you will, we ask students to complete at least 80% of their course as well as pass their final assessment in order to receive their certificate.
How many students will there be in my class?
Our courses are set in an intimate setting of no more than 10 students per class. Hair styling and makeup artistry is an art that can only be fined tuned with the greatest care and detail. For this reason we keep our class sizes small, so that student’s can have a lot more one-on-one time with their teacher. Our goal is to create quality artists that are Industry Ready.
I have previously learnt from another school, can I join your course?
You would be surprised just how many students enrol with us who have completed a hair and makeup course with another school. Perhaps it’s the fact that our classes are so small, personalised and so detailed that students feel like they need that extra one on one time they were missing in the other schools. 

Even if you have been working in the industry for a while and you want to sharpen up your skills, learn the latest looks, styles or just a refresher, then you will definitely love our courses.
Do I need to do both Hair Styling and Makeup Artistry or can I do just one?
It is totally up to you. Each course is separate and you can complete them together or only one. We offer both hair styling and makeup artistry because we know that in today’s competitive industry, if you don’t offer both services in your business then you will be off to a slow start, losing a lot of client’s and of course not making as much profit as you could be in your business. 

If you are undecided, then we recommend you start with our makeup course first, then look at enrolling into our hairstyling course after that. This is usually what most of our students do, as both courses are designed to work together.
Entry requirements
We welcome anyone and everyone who has a passion for hair and makeup! Our course is pretty intensive, so we recommend students be at least 16 years of age to attend. With the permission of a legal guardian or parent, we can accept younger students.
How do I enrol?
For hair styling click the Professional Hair Styling page, and for makeup click the Professional Makeup Artistry page, select Face To Face courses and Add to Cart, it’s that simple! When you complete the enrolment online, you can choose to pay the full amount up front or you can pay a $300 non refundable deposit, reserves your place, and pay the balance through our interest free payment plan. Once we receive your enrolment from our end, we will email you a course confirmation, along with your course modules and everything you need to know.
Does the course come with a professional kit?
To make things more affordable for our students, we supply the makeup products, the hair products and most of the tools and equipment to use in class. There are only a few items we ask students to bring like a hair dryer, curling wand and a mannequin head (for hair styling students) and makeup brushes and some disposable items like cotton tips, sponges, face wipes, etc (for makeup students). 

In our experience we found that students who pay for ready-made kits will spend an additional $500-$3000 on just on a kit alone, and most of the time will receive products and equipment that they won’t like or continue to use after they graduate. There are so many hair and makeup brands on the market and choosing what works for you is such a personal choice, because not everyone likes the same things. So while you are learning with us, and learning how to choose the right products for you, we invite you to use our products and tools so that when you do eventually invest in your own products and tools, you will have a better understanding of what to look for.
Who will my trainer be?
Our main trainer is Alondra Gataé, she is an internationally acclaimed Hair and Makeup Artist who has built a successful career in the industry for over 20 years. She has worked with many brands like MAC Cosmetics, Chanel, Dior as well as many celebrities. She also spent many years working in Dubai, where she worked in glamour, bridal, fashion, media and editorial hair and makeup. 

Alondra is a self taught artist who founded the Academy of Hair and Makeup on the principles of guiding her students to feel confident in every area of becoming a professional hair and makeup artist, from the artistry skills to building their businesses.

What are the Business and Photography subjects all about?
We know that becoming a successful hair and makeup artist is more than just applying makeup on clients or creating hair styles, it’s about building a business that is based on understanding the personal needs of your client’s, it’s about building relationships with them, essentially it’s about the total customer experience your client’s will have with you that will not only keep them coming back to only you but also tell all their family and friends about you. This is true in any successful business and in any industry, but especially in beauty industry. These are just one of the very important subjects we cover as part of our subject “The Business of Beauty”. The other subjects we cover are: Steps on building your business, how to gain followers and clients through social media, how to build your website, registrations and more. 

The other bonus subject we offer is “Photography for Professionals”. It is proven that taking professional images and videos of your work a very important key to gaining clients, which is why we work closely with amazing photographers who specialise in the beauty and fashion industry. Our photographers teach our students how to capture the perfect images of their work just by using their smart phone, no digital cameras necessary. 

These 2 bonus subjects are free for any student who enrols in our professional hair styling or makeup artistry course.
What is your scholarship program?
Our scholarship program is very close to our heart. At the Academy of Hair and Makeup we are proud to say that our culture is one that is based on helping as many people as possible. 

There are people who through no fault of their own, have received the short stick in life, experiencing a traumatic event, illness, financial hardship, homelessness or suffering more than the average person. People who genuinely want to help themselves but can not afford to pay for a course that will give them the skills they need to move a head in life. 

 It is for this reason that we created our Scholarship Program, where we donate a select number of courses every year to people who truly need it. 

We trust in our community and we know that the people who can afford to pay for our course will do so, and by doing that, they help us to continue to provide free education for the people who truly can not afford it. The hardest thing in life can be having that second chance at life, and sometimes it only takes another person who truly sees you for who you are and is willing to help you get that second chance, in our case its through learning a new skill that can provide work and open new opportunities. 

To find out more, apply and learn how we select people for our scholarship program, please email us directly.
Government funding and international students
International students are welcome, there are no special requirements for entry. 

We are a private school so we do not offer any government funding or offer government programs. Usually government funding will be available for longer courses, like the 12-18 month Diploma or Certificate courses found at Tafe, where a course may cost upwards of $10,000. If you are approved for government funding, then what that means is that it will require you to sign up with for a VET student loan, meaning you will have to eventually pay back the total amount, this doesn’t include the additional expense of a kit either. Having such a huge debt before you’ve even started working in the industry can be a little daunting for new students. 

On the other hand, our courses are really affordable, we even offer payment plans, and on top of that, you don’t need to spend an additional hundreds or thousands on a professional kit, because we supply most of the products and tools you need to complete the course.
If there is anything extra you would like to know, please call us directly, we are always happy to have a chat.