Become A Certified Makeup Artist

Become a certified Makeup Artist in just a few short weeks and discover how to start earning a high income immediately in the makeup industry! 

Our professional Makeup Course in Melbourne is perfect for beginners and intermediates who aspire to work as a certified Makeup Artist with bridal and special event clients. We specialise in turning beginners into highly skilled professionals quicker than anyone else. Just check out some of the work done by our past students who were once beginners and in a matter of weeks, quickly became highly paid Makeup Artistsin Melbourne.

Past Students - Now PRO Artists

The Academy of Hair & Makeup is officially Melbourne's highest 5-star reviewed hair and makeup academy on Google, and it only took us a quick 3 years to achieve! Read our reviews. 

Our professional makeup course was designed to teach anyone, from beginners to intermediates, the art of makeup in detail in just a few short weeks. Combined with our beauty business course (see below), our all-in-one comprehensive training will give you the confidence, knowledge, and industry know-how on how to start your own high-paying makeup business right away. Our students reach great success quickly and effortlessly because of our uniquely designed course—a complete hands-on approach where everything you learn is relevant and up-to-date and where students get to spend more one-on-one time with their teacher. 

Mentored by our experienced teachers, we offer student guidance and support that goes above and beyond the course. Our students are guided by us for life through our two Graduate Programs offered to all students, see below for more details on our Graduate Programs.

Our students receive our Certification upon completion of their course and are offered the opportunity to work along side us in the industry.

Makeup Course Dates, Times and Location

We run our courses seven days a week, including weekdays and weekends, from 10:30 am to 5pm in Hawthron East (10 mins from Melbourne CBD). Our location offers convenient access to public transport and all-day parking. 

Opt for our 10-week course, where you select your preferred day of the week, attending class once a week, or choose our express option, attending class twice a week for 5 weeks. Both options are designed to make it super easy to fit into any busy schedule, and will have you certified in no time

Please note, we can only accomodate a limited number of students per class. As our courses sell out, the dates will become unavailable.
Professional Makeup Artist Course
Face To Face in Hawthorn East
From $1950 AUD

Payment Options

Option 1 
Pay via our payment plan option: Pay a deposit of $300 upon enrolment, followed by 50% of your course balance on your first day of class and the outstanding balance half way through your course. Our payment plan option is interest free.
Option 2 
Pay the full amount upfront upon enrolment
Enrolment Policy: To confirm and reserve a seat in our classroom, a deposit is required. We can only accommodate a limited number of students per class, and your deposit is used to reserves your seat, preventing others from taking your spot in our classroom. For this reason, we do not issue refunds or transfer deposits to alternative courses or dates, regardless of a student's attendance or non attendance. In the event of a missed class, we allow students to make up for up to 2 missed classes by booking with another group, free of charge, within 1 year from the missed class date. Complete terms and conditions are available upon checkout.

What we cover


The Basics

Understand what it truly takes to become a Professional Artist in today’s industry. It’s more than just applying makeup.

All About The Skin

Create a flawless base! Work with all face shapes, skin types, colours, undertones, genders and ages. Create coverage without caking. From baking, concealing, highlight and contouring, to Air Brushing.


From Halo, Cut Crease, Winged Liner, Lashes, Smokey Eyes, Colour Wash to Glamour Eye, we are just getting started!


Natural, ombre, messy and laminated brow lookl, learn all about the latest styles, products and trends.


Choose the right colours, products and apply lips correctly. Learn how to accentuate lips through proper technique and products.

Tools and Equipment

Imagine yourself confidently walking into any makeup store and knowing how to choose the right makeup products for your kit. With a sea of makeup brands out there, this is especially important to understand as a certified Makeup Artist. The last thing you want is to complete a course that only teaches you from one kit or one brand, as you will not feel confident to work with other brands. 

Don't restrict your learning!

We provide free access to countless makeup brands and products for students to use in the classroom. They get to use our professional makeup while learning all about professional makeup. Expanding their knowledge and their options for when the time comes for our students to build their own professional kits. Not to mention the money they save from buying an expensive kit up front!

We supply it all, the only items we request our students to bring are makeup brushes (either bring what you already have or purchase our professional set) and a small list of disposable items such as makeup sponges, cotton tips and makeup remover... We will provide you with the short list of these items and where to buy them from once you enrol.

Job Outcomes

Upon completing this course, students become certified Makeup Artists and can immediately start their own businesses as Professional Makeup Artists specialising in Bridal and Special event makeup clients. Students can also work in retail stores, salons, television, photography, and fashion shows. 

Our Graduate Programs

After completing your course, our guidance and support continue beyond graduation. While our Graduate Programs are optional, all our students have the opportunity to be part of and apply for both: 

Graduate Program 1: Join our Work Experience team
We collaborate with various fashion houses, photographers, and production agencies to provide valuable work experience opportunities. This hands-on experience within the industry helps our graduates establish industry networks and build their portfolios. This program is available to everyone who completes their course. Recent collaborations include Forever New Clothing - Global Runway, Melbourne Fashion Festival, the Australian Academy of Modelling and more. 

Graduate Program 2: Be Part of our PRO Team - paid work!
Imagine the chance to work as a paid Artist right after graduation. Every few months, we host a recruitment day where graduates can apply for our PRO Team— who are known as Melbourne's leading mobile Hair and Makeup Artists! Graduates can apply as many times as they wish, and if successful, we will organise high paying jobs for them with our clients all across Melbourne.

Get Exclusive Access To Our Beauty Business Course

Enrol in any of our courses and unlock exclusive access to our Beauty Business course—a specialised course that is meticulously designed to guide you in becoming a high-earning Makeup Artist in your independent business. Tailored specifically for the beauty industry, this comprehensive course provides step-by-step guidance, offering all the essential knowledge required to launch your high paying beauty business from the ground up.

Stop your search for ‘makeup courses melbourne’ today, you've found it with Melbourne's Academy of Hair and Makeup. Get the required knowledge to get you started as a high earning certified Makeup Artist, along with professional training and a life time of guidance and support from our experienced mentors.