A Short Class In 
Hair Styling & Makeup Designed For You

Have you ever marveled at how effortlessly the professionals seem to do it? Yet, when you attempt it yourself, your hair and makeup never quite achieve the same results? We understand your frustration, which is why we've created our personalised classes designed to teach you any hair styling and makeup look you've always wanted to master on yourself.

Unlock the secrets to styling your hair or perfecting your makeup for any occasion with our private classes, bring a couple of friends and make it a special girls outing! Tailored to your preferences, our hands-on sessions cater to your learning needs—whether it's mastering a specific technique or enhancing your overall styling skills. Learn your favourite hair and makeup looks with ease through our step by step guided classes. 

Our 2.5 hour Private Class Prices:

One person class $295
Two person class $250 per person
Three person class $205 per person
Four or more person class $160 per person

Pre-bookings are essential to secure your spot. Call us to enquire about our availability.

Booking Policy
We require a deposit to reserve your date and time. Your deposit is non refundable in case you cancel or change your mind, and is non transferable to another date. However, on occasion we may be able to accommodate a change in time on the same day if we have availability. We do not give refunds for services rendered or gift vouchers. Gift vouchers purchased for private classes expire 6 months from the date of purchase.