"It's lovely to meet you. We are the powerful mums behind the Academy of Hair & Makeup.

I'm Alondra Gataé (that's me below on the right), I started the Academy of Hair & Makeup in 2019, about 6 months before the first lockdowns in Melbourne – what a time to start, right?! During this time, my beautiful boy just turned one and as luck would have it, I also became a single mum. Somehow during this time, I decided to take the greatest gamble of my life: building Australia's greatest Hair and Makeup Academy. At first, it was a way for me to work from home, be flexible, balance motherhood, be the sole breadwinner in my home and rediscover financial freedom. Soon, it turned into a way for me to share my secrets and teach my students how to do the same for themselves:

Makeup, Hair and Lashes + Our Business courses = Financial freedom and a flexible work life.

Starting with just $2000 in my pocket (no loans), I took the 25 years of wisdom and experience I had in this industry and turned a room in my home into a classroom, where I somehow managed to fit 10 students and their models (I still don't know how I fit them all in)

As soon as lockdowns lifted, our humble yet amazing academy moved to the heart of Camberwell Junction, where Diana joined me in my quest and we have been expanding the academy and transforming the lives of so many women ever since!

Diana.K is an incredible artist and friend whom I met over 10 years ago when we both worked for CHANEL as national Makeup Artists. Working with countless VIP clients for CHANEL, she is another powerful single mum whose determination and dedication makes a difference in our students' lives, every single day. She effortlessly shows them how simple it can be to work as a highly skilled artist in our industry.

We have both been thriving in this industry within Australia and Dubai for the last 25 years. We know how easy it is to make a high paying income and discover financial freedom, balancing our lives between our businesses and motherhood, we are here to serve other women and mothers just like us."
The Academy of Hair & Makeup is the only training Academy in Australia that offers a complete course, taking you from beginner to professional Hair and Makeup Artist in just 10 classes! Combined with our professional Beauty Business courses, our students receive exclusive access to our 25 years of industry knowledge on how to become booked out and highly paid Hair and Makeup Artists in their own business. 

Our hair and makeup courses in Melbourne are highly personalised classes. Some of our larger classes employ 2 teachers to ensure no one gets left behind and everyone recieves the individual attention they deserve!

The Academy's professional hair and makeup courses in Melbourne are beginner and intermediate friendly, we cater for everyone. We often welcome student’s who have no experience in the industry, as well as student’s who have studied elsewhere yet come to us for additional guidance and detailed education that only we can give. 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ We are the fastest growing and highest reviewed Academy, with more 5 star Google Reviews than any other hair and makeup Academy in Melbourne. Click to read our student reviews here.  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


We are located in Hawthorne East, between the Monash M1 and the Eastern M3 Freeways. About 20 mins from Melbourne city. With all day parking as close as a 2 minute walk away, we are now more convenient than ever! 

Please note that our location is situated on level one and does not have wheelchair access.


We run courses during the day and during the evening. 

Our courses run for a total of 10-weeks attending class once a week, or you can choose our express course, attending your course twice a week and get certified in as quickly as 5 weeks. 

Our evening courses run from 6pm – 9pm. Students should attend evening classes twice a week. 

See our available dates here: 
Become a certified artist in just a few short weeks! Master the art of professional hair styling and makeup artistry effortlessly and launch your own successful business today!
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Our industry-focused courses fit perfectly into any busy lifestyle. We incorporate over 25 years of industry experience into our courses to ensure our students have everything they need to succeed. They are proof that, with the right guidance, anything is possible- including earning a high six-figure income while pursuing their passion every single day!